Excerpt from Increasing Curb Appeal

A lawn cutting and an edging job can really put a polish on things. No one likes to see the messy appearance of grass growing over the edge of a sidewalk or an untidy lawn. Clean cut lines along the drive, sidewalk , bed lines and a cropped hair cut are positives when aesthetics are concerned.  And potential buyers like to see maintenance on a yard, which suggest that the owners took care of things.    


It goes without saying, weed your yard. It’s quiet unsettling to a potential buyer when an owner can’t even weed the undesirables from ones beds.    

Trim Shrubs, Bushes and Trees  

A quick way to add instant appeal to your yard is the simple act of trimming the foliage. This includes the shrubs and bushes around the house and front yard. A potential buyer must first and foremost see the house and nothing is a greater deterrent than a untidy jungle appearance in a yard whose foliage blocks the beauty of a house.  Up trim branches of trees so they also don’t block the sight line of the house from the street. Trim shrubs and bushes to a symmetrical appearance and avoid taking too much off and exposing the skeleton of branches. Trim bushes so they don’t block too much of the façade of the house.  Also trim bushes to slightly below the height of windows. The complete removal of some plants may be necessary for a clean look as some older plants simply are beyond the point of rehabilitation.    


A great way to spruce up a yard is by adding mulch . A simple thin layer for pure aesthetic  purposes will be a much cheaper mulching than weed control and moisture retention mulching as you will not need the prescribed 3-4 inches, only one or two. Freshly mulched beds gives the appearance of maintained house and gives a clean fresh, new look to a yard.     


If you have window shutters that need repairing or replacing, do so or take them down. Thoughts of haunted houses are conjured with the image of a broken window shutter falling off a house. If you do not have shutters, adding shutters gives the house a finished, high end architectural  refined look.     

Paint the Front Door 

An inexpensive task to increase curb appeal would be a coat of paint on the front door. A bright red or a dark blue makes a door stand out and people will take notice as they drive by.