God's of Pain

With influences harkening to yesteryear's classic horror movies and today’s sultry strip joints, Gods of Pain is musically inspired by rock and metal bands from the 80s to the present. 

Commanding the lead vocals and founding member of Gods of Pain, Monster’s howls beckon to the spirits of the netherworld. Playing lead, he also rips the rhythm guitar, like claws that shred the flesh of a virgin. Monster, for he is indeed a monster, gives the Gods of Pain its signature menacing raw electric power.  

Kai Nashoba croons the back-up vocals as he thumps the steel strings of the bass guitar, the reverberations able to stop the hearts of the weak. His deep thunderous organized commotion fills one’s soul with power that is in its essence refined pulsations of sound.      

Tony Sorrento’s fingers pommel his guitar, lending a technical and melodic mark on your ears, giving the Gods its distinctive metal sound. His sound pleases the Deities of Death, torturing the Saints of Silence, with the rhythmic punches to the face.   

Zach Osborn, beats the drums reflecting the sounds of orgies of ecstatic noise, a pauper who paid his penance and became a master of primal percussion.”